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Choir Schedule

Friday, November 27

5:15 PM      Opening Ceremony

6:00 PM      The Grotto Carolers

7:00 PM      Imago Dei Gospel Choir

8:00 PM      The Dickens Carolers

9:00 PM      Mac Potts

Saturday, November 28

5:30 PM     Susan Surface and Marlon Gonzalez

6:30 PM     Voices of the Vicariate

7:30 PM     LaCenter Concert Choir

9:00 PM      Michael Allen Harrison

Sunday, November 29

5:15 PM      Word of Faith Youth Choir

6:00 PM      Trinity UMC Choir

7:00 PM      Voices Unlimited

8:00 PM      Choral Arts Ensemble of Portland

9:00 PM      The Senateaires

Monday, November 30

5:15 PM      Rex Putnam High School Vocal Point

6:00 PM      A Cappella Project

7:00 PM      Multnomah University Combined Choirs

8:00 PM      Columbia River Chorus

9:00 PM      Canby High School Cantalinas

Tuesday, December 1

5:15 PM      Corbett High School Strings

6:00 PM      North Albany Middle School Choirs

7:00 PM      Pacific Concert Choir & Chamber Singers

8:00 PM      Gladstone High School Choirs

9:00 PM      Bridge Town Sound

Wednesday, December 2

5:15 PM       Holy Cross Choir & De La Salle Choir

6:00 PM      Westview Concert Choir & LeChanteuses

7:00 PM      North Marion High School Chamber Choir

8:00 PM      Ascension Church Choir

9:00 PM      Beaverton Oregon West Stake Choir

Thursday, December 3

5:15 PM      Holy Trinity Choirs

6:00 PM      Rock Creek Middle School Advanced

7:00 PM      Alder Creek MS Advanced & Treble Choirs

8:00 PM      Southridge HS Concert Choir

9:00 PM      Cantico Singers

Friday, December 4

5:15 PM       Trinity Lutheran School Choirs

6:00 PM      Centennial Concert Choir

7:00 PM      Warner Pacific Chorale & Concert Choir

8:00 PM      Mt. Hood Community College Choirs

9:00 PM      Evergreen HS Chamber Choir

Saturday, December 5

5:15 PM       Pacific Arts Ensemble

6:00 PM      Portland 1st Church of the Nazarene

7:00 PM      Youth Music Project

8:00 PM      Our Lady of LaVang Choir

9:00 PM      Rose City Flute Choir

Sunday, December 6

5:15 PM      St Matthew’s Anglican Church Choir

6:00 PM      Li’Ora North Mason Bible Church

7:00 PM      The Allegras

8:00 PM      Washougal HS Chamber Choir

9:00 PM      Encore Women’s Vocal Ensemble

Monday, December 7  Military Appreciation Night 

5:15 PM      Scappoose High School Chamber Choir

6:00 PM      The Salvation Army Brass Ensemble

7:00 PM      Portland Christian Concert Choir

8:00 PM      Westside Christian High School

9:00 PM      University of  Portland Women’s Choir

Tuesday, December 8

5:15 PM      The Salmon Creek Singers

6:00 PM      A-Choir & Bella Voce

7:00 PM      Heritage Women’s Ensemble

8:00 PM      Clackamas HS “A-Choir”

Wednesday, December 9

5:15 PM      Floyd Light Middle School Choir

6:00 PM      Clark College Womens Ensemble

7:00 PM      Clark College Concert Choir

8:00 PM      Clark College Chorale

9:00 PM      Reveal Youth Choir

Thursday, December 10

5:15 PM      Shahala MS 8th Grade Choir

6:00 PM      Newberg High School Symphonic Choir

7:00 PM      Camas High School Men’s Choirs

8:00 PM      Camas High School Women’s Choirs

9:00 PM      Mountain View HS Andante Jazz Choir

Friday, December 11

5:15 PM      Walla Walla HS Choirs

6:00 PM      The Middle C’s

7:00 PM      Heritage Concert Choir

8:00 PM      Tualatin High School Concert Choir

9:00 PM      Symphonic Choir & Pionaires

Saturday, December 12

5:15 PM      Con Gratia Girls Choir

6:00 PM      Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir

7:00 PM      Encore Choir

8:00 PM      Oregon Children’s Choir

9:00 PM      Oregon Youth Chorale

Sunday, December 13

5:15 PM      St. Rose of Lima Youth Choir

6:00 PM      Festival Carolers

7:00 PM      Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir

8:00 PM      The Marian Singers

9:00 PM      Blueprint

Monday, December 14

5:15 PM      Happy Valley MS Advanced Choir

6:00 PM      Parkrose HS A-Choir,Womens,Mens & Debs

7:00 PM      David Douglas HS Choir & Orchestra

8:00 PM      Hilhi Concert Choir

9:00 PM      Corner Children’s Choir

Tuesday, December 15

5:15 PM      Holy Redeemer Choir

6:00 PM      West Linn High School Choir

7:00 PM      Glencoe Concord

8:00 PM      Union High School Choirs

        9:00 PM     Blueprint Ensemble Arts

Wednesday, December 16

5:15 PM      King’s Way Christian School

6:00 PM      Oregon City HS Master Choir

7:00 PM      Tigard Concert Choir & Choralation

8:00 PM      Jesuit High School Choir

9:00 PM      Century Choirs

Thursday, December 17

5:15 PM      Frontier MS Concert Choir

6:00 PM      Mt View Concert Choir

7:00 PM      Liberty High School Concert Choir

8:00 PM      Gresham High School Concert Choir

9:00 PM      Estacada High School Choir & Brass

Friday, December 18

5:15 PM      Kaleidoscope Quartet

6:00 PM      Mark Morris Choir

7:00 PM      Chor Diem

8:00 PM      Festival Brass

9:00 PM      Northwest Harmony Chorus

Saturday, December 19

5:15 PM      Trouble with Trebles

6:00 PM      Cascade Harmony Chorus

7:00 PM      Oregon Repertory Singers Youth Choir

8:00 PM      The Westside Singers

9:00 PM      Touch of Class Chorale

Sunday, December 20

5:15 PM      Horizon Christian High School Ensemble

6:00 PM      St. Thomas Aquinas Choir

7:00 PM      Oregon Chamber Singers

8:00 PM      Dayton Renaissance Singers

9:00 PM      Columbia Chorale of Oregon

Monday, December 21

5:15 PM      Parkrose UMC Chancel Choir

6:00 PM      Portland Symphonic Girlchoir

7:00 PM      Unistus Chamber Choir

8:00 PM      New Thought CSL Choir

9:00 PM      Faith Lutheran Choir

Tuesday, December 22

5:15 PM      Intergenerational Outreach Choirs

6:00 PM      In Cahoots Womens A Cappella Quartet

7:00 PM      Blueprint Lumiatra

8:00 PM      Blueprint Black

9:00 PM      Rainier Youth Choirs Consonare

Wednesday, December 23

6:00 PM      Sing Portland!

7:00 PM      On a Lark

8:00 PM      Rose City Timberliners BBSP Chorus

9:00 PM      Sunset Choir

Thursday, December 24             

No indoor concerts tonight; the Chapel is being prepared for Christmas

Saturday, December 26

5:15 PM      St Stanislaus Polish Choir

6:00 PM      Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising

7:00 PM      Ave Maria Chorus

8:00 PM      Jim Quackenbush

9:00 PM      Los Grillos Consort

Sunday, December 27

5:15 PM      Bob & Jaebea

6:00 PM      Ad Lucem

7:00 PM      The Kilian Singers

8:00 PM      Tyger Bailey Celtic Harp

9:00 PM      Silverwind Strings

Monday, December 28

5:15 PM      Our Lady of Lourdes Christmas Choir

6:00 PM      Northwest Master Chorale

7:00 PM      Psalite Deo

9:00 PM      Portland Christian United Choir

Tuesday, December 29

5:15 PM      Sylvia Romero

6:00 PM      Portland Community Choir

7:00 PM      Good News Quartet

8:00 PM      The Bennion Family

Wednesday, December 30

5:15 PM      Hailey Rowden with Mac Potts

6:00 PM      Cayla and Ashley

7:00 PM      John Nilsen

8:00 PM      Michael Allen Harrison

9:00 PM      The Grotto Carolers