A Stroll in the Sanctuary with Father Vidal

Join Fr. Vidal Martinez, OSM, Rector of The Grotto, for a daily walk in the garden. Enjoy photos and videos taken by Fr. Vidal, often during hours when the grounds are closed.

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Sunday, Sept. 20

Today, the lights of the Via Matris glow in the distance, in the evening light of the Upper Gardens.

Saturday, Sept. 19

Today, we welcome the much-needed rain, seen from the Monastery of Our Sorrowful Mother at The Grotto.

Friday, Sept. 18

Today, listen to the birds calling in the Upper Gardens, while the smoke from the wildfires still lingers.

Thursday, Sept. 17

Today, a playful squirrel reminds us of all the wonderful creatures sharing this beautiful world with us.

Wednesday, Sept. 16

Today, signs of fall shine through the smoke that still lingers in the air from the wildfires.

Tuesday, Sept. 15

Today, stroll through the Stations of the Cross path, located on the lower level.

Monday, Sept. 14

Today, view The Grotto in the smoke from the wildfires burning around the region. You can barely see the statue of Mary atop the cliff.

Sunday, Sept. 13

Today, take a walk through the forested Stations of the Cross path, located on The Grotto’s lower level.

The lower level is free to all throughout the year. Pets, properly restrained, are allowed in the outdoor areas of the lower level.

Saturday, Sept. 12

Today, the smokey air from the wildfires currently burning continues to surround the region.

Friday, Sept. 11

Today, the shrine to Our Lady of Lavang glows in the morning light.
This shrine honors Mary and her apparition to the faithful Vietnamese Catholics as they hid in the jungle during the final years of the 18th century to avoid persecution for their faith.

It is one of five multicultural shrines located on the shrine path in the Upper Gardens.

Thursday, Sept. 10

Today, view the smokey sky caused by the many wildfires currently burning across Oregon and the West.

This view is from the overlook, atop the cliff, directly above Our Lady’s Grotto and the plaza.

Wednesday, Sept. 9

Today, the silhouette of Mt. St. Helens at sunrise. This active volcano is located 52 miles to the north of The Grotto.

Tuesday, Sept. 8

Today, Fr. Vidal shares scenes from the smokey windstorm that took place on the evening of September 7.

Monday, Sept. 7

Today, take a walk through St. Joseph’s Grove in the Upper Gardens.

Sunday, Sept. 6

Today, the view looking up … and the view looking down.

Saturday, Sept. 5

Today, hawks soar above the cliff as the sun sets.

Friday, Sept. 4

Today, the view from the Meditation Chapel at sunset features a plane landing, with Mt. St. Helens in the background.

Thursday, Sept. 3

Today, St. Anne’s Chapel, glows in the evening light.

Built in 1934 to house the Blessed Sacrament during the first United States Marian Congress, it is the oldest building at The Grotto.

Now, St . Anne’s Chapel houses numerous Madonna paintings from many countries.

Wednesday, Sept. 2

Today, encounter the glorious sunset from the Christus Garden.

Tuesday, Sept. 1

The first signs that autumn is on its way.

Monday, August 31

Sunday, August 30

The sun rises behind St. Francis, St. Joseph, and the evergreen forest which surrounds The Grotto.