Bringing The Grotto to You: Day 12

The Grotto is a 62-acre sanctuary in the middle of the city of Portland, Oregon. One-and-a-half miles of paved pathways lead visitors along the lower level and through the Upper Gardens.

Lord Jesus! As I walk the path of life today: Let my eyes be Your eyes, sharing compassion, warmth and love. Let my hands be Your hands, bringing healing with their touch. Let my ears be Your ears, listening where there is need. Let my words be Your words, bringing comfort joy and peace! Amen.

Each year, pilgrims from around the world stroll the paths of The Grotto, a sanctuary where one can easily feel the presence of God in nature.

In my journeying with you, O Blessed Lord may I never lose my sense of direction on the Path, never lose sight of the landmark towards which I travel. And should cloud or rain obscure my vision, may I draw closer to you, so that my feet may tread in your footsteps, your words be my encouragement, and your love be my protection against the storms that assail me. Amen.

The Grotto is a place of solitude, peace and prayer.

For each step that I might take, Be my guide, O Lord of life. For each load that I might bear, Be my strength, O Lord of life. For each mountain I might face, Be my power, O Lord of life. For each river that might impede, Be my safety, O Lord of life. For each place where I might rest, Be my peace, O Lord of life. For each sunrise and sunset, Be my joy, O Lord of life. Amen.

Located in the Upper Gardens, the multicultural shrine path takes you past five wayside shrines. You will learn much more about these shrines in a future installment of “Bringing The Grotto to You.”

Your light, O Holy One, is the only light I need as I travel on life’s pathways…Your word the only voice I hear, that still small voice that leads meto the place where I should be. Your presence is the only company I need, as I walk this narrow road. Your fellowship the warmth I crave To help me on my journey. Amen.

The Stations of the Cross path is located on the lower level of The Grotto. The lower level is free to all. Pets, properly restrained, are welcome to join you in the outdoor areas of the lower level. You will see much more of the Stations of the Cross path in a future installment of “Bringing the Grotto to You.”

In all my travelling, Lord, may your footsteps guide me. In my journeying to every destination and returning, Lord, may your footsteps guide me. In my home and with my family, Lord, may your footsteps guide me In my leisure time, Lord, may your footsteps guide me. In difficult situations and in conflicts, Lord, may your footsteps guide me. As I stumble along the paths of life, Lord, may your footsteps guide me. In the deepening of my fragile faith, Lord, may your footsteps guide me. As I place my entire trust in You, Lord, may your footsteps guide me. In ALL my travelling Lord, on every path, on every road, may it be YOUR footsteps in which I place my feet. Amen.

We hope you enjoy these historic photos taken in The Grotto’s lower level. The years they were taken are unknown.

The first one is the path leading from the plaza to the exit.

This next photo is taken on the path where St. Philip Benizi’s Retreat is located, looking west from the near the plaza toward the Stations of the Cross path.

This Marian procession is believed to have been photographed in the 1940s, on the same path as the photo above, but looking toward the east.

I have no plans for this day, O Jesus my Companion…no destination in mind, no stops planned along the way. I am stepping out in faith with You as my guide. I shall walk where you lead, follow where you tread, rest where you lay me down, drink from the waterthat you will supply … and arriving wherever You lead me, O Lord, will know that I am truly refreshed.


Prayers included in this email are adapted and reprinted with permissionCopyright © John Birch, 2016

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