Day 2: Saving Lives

Service Project: Sign up to donate blood at one of The Grotto’s blood drives.

Partner: Red Cross

Inspiration: Jesus Christ

Blood is life, and Christ shed his blood for all of us.

A Prayer for Today’s Day of Service

Christ Jesus, you gave your life and shed your life’s blood for us. I want to give my life for others, too.

I pray in thanksgiving for all who donate blood for others.

I pray, too, for those who offer their life in the service of those who are sick or injured.

Help me today be more generous with my life, my time, my words, and my gifts.

I offer my very self to you today, Lord Jesus; use me for the glory of your name.


Prayer Cards

A limited number of prayer cards are available for pick-up this week, beginning Monday, at The Grotto Visitor Center. If you are unable to come to The Grotto, email to arrange for a set to be sent to you, while supplies last.

Today’s Prayer Card:

Today’s Project Partner: Red Cross of the Cascades Region

In the Cascades Region, which covers the vast area of Oregon and Southwest Washington, approximately 2,600 volunteers provide response, relief and recovery services; save lives through health and safety training; provide assistance to active military members, their families and local veterans; and maintain a safe and stable blood supply for patients in need.

Today’s Project: Donate Blood at The Grotto

The Grotto has partnered with the Red Cross and is hosting a series of blood drives this summer and fall.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and restrictions surrounding it, the Red Cross has had to relocate many scheduled drives. The Grotto Conference Center is a well-suited space, with plenty of room for social distancing.

Each unit can save up to three lives!

Upcoming dates, where you can register to donate now, include:

(All times 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.)

  • Thursday, Oct. 8
  • Friday, Oct. 9
  • Thursday, Oct. 15
  • Thursday, Oct. 29
  • Friday, Oct. 30
  • Tuesday, Nov. 10
  • Tuesday, Nov. 17
  • Friday, Nov. 20
  • Friday, Dec. 4

Click here to register for any of the above drives.

Free Covid-19 Antibody Testing When You Donate Blood

For a limited time, the American Red Cross will test all blood donations for Covid-19 antibodies as an additional health service to donors.

The Covid-19 antibody test is authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and may indicate if the donor’s immune system has produced antibodies to the coronavirus, regardless of whether they developed symptoms.

Please note the Red Cross is not testing donors to diagnose illness, including Covid-19. If you feel unwell for any reason, please postpone your donation. Individuals who believe they may be ill with COVID-19 should not present to donate until they are symptom free for 28 days and feeling well and healthy.

Click here to learn about Covid-19 antibody testing.

In response to the fires

The wildfires currently burning around the region have our heroic firefighters and disaster relief supporters working around the clock.

The Red Cross is actively seeking volunteers for disaster relief services.

Click here to view the Red Cross disaster relief volunteer information page.

For those out of the area

For those of you not in the Portland area, we encourage you to sign up with your local Red Cross or other donation center.

Today’s Inspiration: The Lord Jesus Christ

The Grotto features some truly wonderful representations of Jesus and the story of his life and death.

Here are just a few of the features found at The Grotto.

The Christus Garden

The Stations of the Cross Path

The Via Matris

The Chapel Murals

Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue

Learn more about the Servite Order

The Grotto is a ministry of the Servite Friars, Order of Servants of Mary.

To learn more about the Servites, please click here.

Thank you for participating in today’s Day of Service.