Day 6: Caring for Those who are Ill or Homebound

Service Project: Send cards, make calls, or prepare meals for those who are ill or homebound.

Partner: Laurelhurst Village or your own friends and neighbors.

Inspiration: Servite St. Peregrine Laziosi

A Prayer for Today’s Day of Service

Gracious God,

Sickness and injury remind us that we are finite beings.

Help me be an instrument of healing and service like Servite Saint Peregrine.

Help me to reach out beyond myself to include those recovering from surgery, pursuing treatments or therapies, that they may return to their lives.

May my phone call, note, or visit shine your healing light on them and surround them with your loving care.


Prayer Cards

A limited number of prayer cards are available for pick-up this week, beginning Monday, at The Grotto Visitor Center.

If you are unable to come to The Grotto, email to arrange for a set to be sent to you, while supplies last.

Today’s Prayer Card:

Today’s Project Partner: Laurelhurst Village Assisted Living

Laurelhurst Village has a spirit of hospitality, compassion and a tradition of caring established by the Sisters of Mercy over 100 years ago. 

Laurelhurst has a long-standing partnership with The Grotto.

To learn more about Laurelhurst Village, click here to visit their website.

About The Project

St. Peregrine Laziosi, a Servite saint who lived in the 14th century, is the universal patron saint for anyone dealing with cancer, and members of their families, their friends, and caregivers.

He was also, during his long life, known best for his sense of welcome, hospitality, patience, and simplicity.

We at The Grotto would like to assist you in meeting the needs of the elderly, the homebound, the sick, in some simple, helpful way. This sort of basic compassion is an expression of a “saintly” way to live.

Suggested Projects

Write cards and send it to someone who is ill or homebound. Many more people are homebound, due to the pandemic. A card will brighten their day.

If you don’t have anyone in particular to send a card to, write a cheery “have a lovely day” card and drop it off at The Grotto Gift Shop or Visitor Center. Will will distribute it to someone at Laurelhurst Village. Just knowing someone is praying for them can be uplifting.

Make a treat or meal for a neighbor. Be sure to tell them you are coming and drop it off at their door and walk away. You will want to make sure you are maintaining proper social distancing. Be sure to give it to them in disposable containers so they don’t have to worry about washing and returning anything.

Call someone who might be home more than usual. It might just make their day.

If you need a greeting card to send, The Grotto Gift Shop has a wide variety. Call 503-261-2424 and we can make arrangements to get them to you.

For anyone who registers during the Seven Days of Service (by emailing we will have a complimentary Grotto greeting card waiting for you for pick-up. We will give you the details when we receive your email. If you are out of town, email us during the week and we can make arrangements to get one to you.

In response to the fires

Fires have displaced many people. Consider emailing friends (they may be too busy to take a call) who may be in evacuation zones to let them know you are praying for them.

Today’s Inspiration: Servite St. Peregrine Laziosi (1265-1345)

St. Peregrine labored as a brother in the Order of Servants of Mary (Servites). At age 60 he was diagnosed with cancer of the leg brought on by many years of disciplined prayer while standing, resulting in varicose veins which became ulcerous.

On the night before the scheduled amputation of his leg, Peregrine dragged himself to the foot of the cross in the community chapter room and fell into a deep trance-like sleep. Upon waking, he discovered that his leg was completely cured.

Peregrine continued his work with the poor and all who came to him in need. He experienced the forgiveness and mercy of God in his life and sought to share it with others.

When he died in 1345 he was already being revered as a saint. He was officially canoninzed in 1726, and is considered the patron of those who suffer from cancer, AIDS and other serious and life-threatening diseases.

St. Peregrine Shrine at The Grotto

This mosaic shrine was erected in the spring of 1974 and dedicated during the 50th Anniversary celebration at The Grotto.

It is located on the lower level at The Grotto, which is free to all throughout the year.

St. Peregrine Ministry at The Grotto

The St. Peregrine ministry at The Grotto was established to help bring hope, strength and consolation to those facing serious diseases in their lives. We are committed to sharing the comfort and spiritual healing of Jesus to all who come here in need.

Every Sunday, immediately following the 10 a.m. Mass, a blessing with the relic of St. Peregrine is offered to the ill and the frail.

For more information about St. Peregrine Ministries at The Grotto, please click here.

Learn more about the Servite Order

The Grotto is a ministry of the Servite Friars, Order of Servants of Mary.

To learn more about the Servites, please click here.

Thank you for participating in today’s Day of Service.