Gifts of Stocks and Bonds


Giving appreciated stocks and bonds is a tax-wise way to support The Grotto. For securities held longer than one year, you can deduct their full fair market value, regardless of what you originally paid for them. You also avoid paying capital gains tax.

A security is a tradable financial asset of any kind, which may be classified into the following groups:

  • Debt securities: Treasury bonds, banknotes, corporate bonds, CDs, and debentures
  • Equity securities: Common stocks and mutual funds
  • Derivative securities: Stock options, futures, forwards, and swaps

To transfer appreciated stock to The Grotto:

You will need to work directly with your broker to initiate a transfer of stock to the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother (The Grotto).

The Grotto’s Tax ID# is 93-0386924.