Good Friday


A Prayer for Good Friday

Lord, on the cross you show me how loved I am.

You willingly gave your life that I may live.

You forgive my sins, take away my shame, heal my wounded heart and hear my cries for peace.

Your cross is my sign of hope.

As I look upon the cross I am reminded that I am wonderfully made in your image.

As I stand near the cross, I hear you say, “be not afraid”.

Lord, your cross: is the compass that points me to new life; is the bridge that gets me to You and the Father; is the boat of safety upon the troubled waters of my life; is the life-preserver when I am sinking in my fears and doubts; is the pledge of your eternal friendship with me which is my salvation.

Lord, the cross is crowded with many like me who need to be close to you, who need to be forgiven, loved and saved.

The Good News of the Cross is that no matter how crowded it is, there is always a place for me.

Standing at the Cross with your Holy Mother, I praise you Lord for the salvation and love you give me.

May I stand here always for this is where I am most alive.

Stations of the Cross

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