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Fund an Item – Convent Renovation

In 1990 a convent was built behind the Monastery to house four Sisters from the Congregation of Oblates of St. Martha, based in Saltillo, Mexico. These wonderful Sisters take care of the Monastery and cook the meals for the Servite Friars. The Sisters also ensure that the Chapel of Mary and other worship spaces are clean and decorated for the liturgical celebrations hosted by The Grotto. Their dedicated service is vital to The Grotto continuing its ministry of being a place of peace, prayer and natural beauty for all people.

The convent is now in need of repairs, many day-to-day items are worn out, and for the first time the Sisters will have their own kitchen and laundry room.

We are asking for your help as we replace and upgrade the Convent.

Below are the items we need. Once the item is purchased, it will be removed from the list, unless it is an item in which we need more than one.

Thank you for your support of our wonderful Sisters!

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Items needed

Blinds $2839

Donate any amount

Towel Set (x4) $36 – Purchased

Twin Sheet Set (x4) $40 – Purchased

Pots & Pans Set $80 – Purchased

Dishwasher $799 – Purchased

Iron Storage $21 – Purchased

Desk (x$=4) $100 – Purchased

Baking Set $60 – Purchased

Stove Vent $233 – Purchased

Dresser (x4) $160 – Purchased

Wall Sconce (x4) $234 – Purchased

Computer Table $100 – Purchased

Utility Cabinet (x2) $80 – Purchased

Twin Mattress (x4) $350 – Purchased

Gas Range $1349 – Purchased

Refrigerator $1599 – Purchased

Pendant Light (x8) $109 – Purchased

Stackable Washer/Dryer $2200 – Purchased