Volunteer Sponsor $2000 (Exclusive)

Sponsor recognition

Recognition and thank you sign in volunteer room

Opportunity for coupon giveaway to all volunteers with shout out from volunteer coordinator

Logo and thanks on website volunteer page and Festival information page

Shout out on social media and eNews

20 Festival tickets for employees or giveaways

About the Volunteers

Each year The Grotto’s Christmas Festival of Lights relies on volunteers to make the Festival happen. We are grateful to those who come out, sometimes in not-so-nice weather, to give their time and make the event far more special for our guests and performers.

All our volunteers check in and out through our “volunteer room” which is located immediately below the Chapel where the choirs perform. This room is a place for them to gain information, share stories and warm up.

This area would also be a perfect place for our volunteer coordinators to give out coupons or freebies to these wonderful people.

Volunteer Demographics


70% ages 16-24

10% ages 25-39

15% ages 40-54

5% ages 55+

Where they live

80% within 10 miles of The Grotto

100% within 25 miles of The Grotto


65% female

35% male

Festival Attendee Demographics

Average attendance for years 2016-2019 was 79,000

Combined average attendance including choirs/volunteers was 89,000

70% general admission ages 13-64

10% seniors 65+

16% youth 3-12

4% infants 2 and under

Where they live

75% live in Portland/Vancouver metro area

88% live within 50 miles

95% live within 100 miles


90% of ages 13+ take photos at event

80% of those 13-40 share photos on social media

Average guest spends 20+ minutes in pavilion tent

80% of all guests spend time listening to the music in the Chapel

Digital Statistics and Demographics

All demographics and statistics are from 2019.


140,000+ hits to the Festival information page

44,000+ viewed the choir schedule page


3,500+ daily opens during run of show (current mailing list is 12,000+)


For more information, or to arrange your sponsorship, please contact Jane Tokito at 503-515-9142 or email