Bringing The Grotto to You Daily

During The Grotto’s closure during the Covid-19 pandemic, a daily email was sent called “A Place of Sanctuary: Bringing The Grotto to You.”

The feature was produced for 88 straight days.

We will keep this compilation of all the emails available on our website. We hope that by viewing these features, you, too, experience the peace our visitors and pilgrims encounter in the spiritual and natural beauty of our holy sanctuary.

Day 1: St. Francis of Assisi

Day 2: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Day 3: St. Anne’s Chapel

Day 4: St. Joseph’s Grove

Day 5: Marilyn Moyer Meditation Chapel

Day 6: Spring in the Gardens

Day 7: Our Lady’s Grotto

Day 8: St. Jude Thaddeus

Day 9: Statue of Mary, Our Mother

Day 10: The Pollinator Garden

Day 11: St. Philip Benizi’s Retreat

Day 12: Pathways of The Grotto

Day 13: St. Peregrine Shrine

Day 14: The Servites

Day 15: Here Light Shines

Day 16: The Peace Garden

Day 17: Dambana, the Filipino Shrine

Day 18: Looking Up

Day 19: Feast of Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross

Day 20: The Rose Garden

Day 21: Palm Sunday, The Christus Garden

Day 22: Crosses and Crucifixes

Day 23: The Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue

Day 24: Angels of The Grotto

Day 25: Holy Thursday of The Lord’s Supper

Day 26: Good Friday, The Stations of the Cross

Day 27: Holy Saturday, Via Matris

Day 28: Easter Sunday

Day 29: The Forest

Day 30: Blessing of the Animals

Day 31: Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Day 32: Colors of The Grotto

Day 33: Mysteries of the Rosary

Day 34: Lighting a Candle

Day 35: Chapel of Mary

Day 36: Come to the Water

Day 37: Our Lady of Lavang Shrine

Day 38: Celebrating God’s Creation on Earth Day

Day 39: Our Lady of Lourdes

Day 40: The Grotto Labyrinth

Day 41: Looking Out a Window

Day 42: How The Grotto Began

Day 43: The Cliff and Elevator

Day 44: Lithuanian Wayside Shrine

Day 45: The Grotto by the Numbers

Day 46: Music at The Grotto

Day 47: May Flowers

Day 48: Take a Closer Look

Day 49: Outdoor Mass at The Grotto

Day 50: The Feast of St. Peregrine

Day 51: Celebrating Your Favorites

Day 52: A Year at The Grotto

Day 53: The Seven Holy Founders

Day 54: Views and Perspectives

Day 55: The Rhododendrons

Day 56: Mother’s Day at The Grotto

Day 57: Twilight at The Grotto

Day 58: The Peace Pole

Day 59: Our Lady of Czestochowa

Day 60: A Seat Waiting for You

Day 61: The Murals

Day 62: Mosaics of The Grotto

Day 63: The Chapel Saints

Day 64: The Grotto Gift Shop

Day 65: The Servite Mission

Day 66: Architecture of The Grotto

Day 67: A Retreat at The Grotto

Day 68: The Visitor Center

Day 69: Arriving at The Grotto

Day 70: Sr. Ruth’s Well

Day 71: Celebrating Memorial Day

Day 72: A Gallery in the Woods

Day 73: Resources for Hope and Healing

Day 74: The View

Day 75: The Grotto Plaza

Day 76: The Leaves

Day 77: Celebrating Pentecost

Day 78: Then and Now

Day 79: Meet Me at The Grotto

Day 80: A Sanctuary of Peace

Day 81: In Every Sense

Day 82: Reflections

Day 83: A Parade of Roses

Day 84: Volunteering at The Grotto

Day 85: Circles

Day 86: Whatever the Weather

Day 87: Reopening Plans

Day 88: Thank You