The Chapel of Mary

The Chapel of Mary was built in 1955 and dedicated by Archbishop Edward Howard, DD, and was designed by Luther Dugan. The rock used to build it came from the Rocky Butte Quarry. On the north side is a 110 foot bell tower, crowned with a gold dome and cross. The bas-relief over the bronze doors and marble entrance to the Chapel portray the Baptism of Christ.

Inside, the Chapel seats 600 people. Warm marble walls, Arizona sandstone floors, woodwork of Korina, Swedish marble, mosaics, graceful statues and murals embrace all who enter. The acoustics in the Chapel make it a magnificent place to perform.

The paintings on the walls and ceilings are the work of Jose De Soto. He has painted churches in Europe and the US. The centerpiece of the treasured murals on the Chapel walls is entitled “The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mother in Heaven.” The side walls are the Via Matris. They depict different moments in the life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

All the statues in the Chapel are made from Carrara marble from Italy. We have statues in churches as a reminder of the significant people in our lives. The statues and mosaics in the Chapel of Mary depict St. Juliana Falconieri, OSM, the Seven Holy Founders, statues of the Sacred Heart, St. Pius X, St. Joseph, St. Peregrine, OSM, a mosaic of St. Anne, St. Philip Benizi, OSM, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Stations of The Cross that almost circle the Chapel are also made of marble.

The stained glass window on the front exterior of the Chapel depicts the Resurrection of Christ. It is 25 feet tall and was made in 1954 by artists commissioned by the Karl Hackart Company of Chicago.

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