Spirituality Program


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About the Spirituality Program

The Grotto Spirituality Program is open to people of all faiths. We are careful to respect the individual’s spiritual values and religious beliefs. The primary goal of The Grotto Spirituality Program is to assist individuals to form an expanded place for the Divine in their lives and to experience the healing dimensions of faith.

Mission and Philosophy


The mission of The Grotto Spirituality Program is to provide spiritually reflective companioning to people who desire to explore or enhance their faith.


As a ministry of The Grotto, the Spirituality Program is dedicated to fostering spiritual well-being. We believe places of peace, serenity and spiritual reflection are essential so that people might renew their spirit in the midst of a busy world.

Spiritual Direction

Individual, confidential sessions are available for all who wish to deepen their spiritual life, explore their connection to God, and examine their relationships with others and the world in light of gospel values.

Although there is a standard fee for spiritual direction at The Grotto, exceptions may be made based on financial considerations.

Appointments may be made by calling:

Fr. Ignatius Kissel, OSM or